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This Easter it's perfectly safe to put all your proverbial eggs in the proverbial basket!

Login every day and you get a £1 Free Bonus credited safe to your bingo account.

That's a guarantee and that’s a £30 worth Free Bonus for an entire month!

Have a Happy Easter!

Play Now Deposit Now
  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Players need to have a minimum deposit of £10 during the last 3 months

Now let's take the Bingo up a notch!

Make yourselves at home at Community Bingo where every game is FREE!

What's that?
Community Bingo is where you can socialize with other bingo players of our
network sites as well as other bingo network sites.

Start yappin'! Start winning!

What do you get? £5 BBS FREE for each game
Where is it happening? The 'Community Bingo' Room of course
When can you get started? Everyday @
12AM - 1AM, 10AM - 11AM, 3PM - 4PM,
6PM - 7PM, 9PM - 10PM GMT
Who is this for? All Depositing players
  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. 20 Free tickets will be offered to all Depositing players who logged in to the room
  • 2. 'Community Bingo' is a collaboration of our network sites and other bingo network sites

Step into Spring & win £800

This month there’s a lot to play and a lot more to gain!

Played @ 8PM GMT

  • When ?
  • Prize
  • Ticket Price
  • Sat - Sun
  • £100 CASH POT
  • 25p each

Want to earn up to 50 Free Tickets?

Check this out!

  • Mon - Fri Total
  • Number of
    Tickets for Sat
  • Number of
    Tickets for Sun
  • £30 - £74
  • 3 Free Tickets
  • 3 Free Tickets
  • £75 - £199
  • 5 Free Tickets
  • 5 Free Tickets
  • £200 - £499
  • 10 Free Tickets
  • 10 Free Tickets
  • £500 - above
  • 25 Free Tickets
  • 25 Free Tickets
Happy Scoring!
  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Promotion valid for depositing players only
  • 2. Free Tickets awarded on total deposits made during Mon - Fri for Jackpot Games, and are on top of deposit bonus

This Spring Break is more than just entertainment. It's about winning!

2 Games. 6 Days. Every Week.

Presenting, the Perfect Dozen £50 Cash Games!

Play 2 games daily from Monday till Saturday at 4PM & 8PM GMT.

Time to make the perfect score!

  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Promotion is valid for depositing players
  • 2. Purchase tickets at just 15p each
  • 3. Players can participate with a maximum of 50 cards each game

With Easter around the corner, prepare yourself for the barrage of chocolate eggs, sunshine and 50% cash backs!

Here's how it gets interesting:

  • Spend £50 or more on slots
  • Experience an extra win daily
  • Get up-to 50% Cash Back


  • Play more and secure more entries for the Monthly Prize Draw
  • Deposit Amount
  • Cash Back
  • £50
  • 20% Cash Back
  • £100
  • 30% Cash Back
  • £200
  • 40% Cash Back
  • £500
  • 50% Cash Back

Let the receiving begin!

  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Promotion is valid for depositing players only
  • 2. Cash back would be credited on following day before 5 PM GMT
  • 3. Deposits need to be made in one go and should be of £50 or multiples of £50
  • 4. Cash back would be credited to player accounts with balance less than £5, with no pending withdrawal and approved withdrawals in last 7 days

Dish out a tenner this Eastertide and you just might win ten times that amount!

Sweet Beginnings:

  • Deposit £10 and get an entry for free
  • Players are allowed 250 entries into the game
  • Entries can better your chances with the Cash Prize Draw
  • Tune into the Cash Prize Draw on the 1st of May
  • Perseverance sure does pay for 10 lucky players will be awarded £100 each, in cash

Hippity-hop to the games already!

  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Offer valid for all depositing players
  • 2. All entries are recorded at server end and the draw would be performed randomly
  • 3. Winners would be requested for testimonial and pic

Can the One Lucky Golden Egg be yours?

Confused? Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Make your 1st deposit and score a 400% Welcome Bonus
  • Deposit £5 and play with £25
  • Pick a favourite number from 1 to 90
  • This lucky number is your Golden Egg for the month from your first deposit
  • Bingo on the Golden Egg and win 100% of your Deposit back

Choose Well!

  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Contact support and choose your Golden Egg at the time of your 1st deposit
  • 2. Contact support with game ID after the win to claim your deposit back
  • 3. Offer can be claimed only once during the month

This April, watch and win as much as you like!

Cant' believe it? Trust us, it's true!!

You get to enjoy a game of Bingo, on us, while enjoying your favourite soap!

What's the catch you might ask? Nothing at all

  • Watch out for the patterns: "S, O, A, P" flashed randomly in Fusion
  • Collect a complete set
  • Redeem the Code: SOAP
  • Win £5 Bonus for each set

Ready for the drama?

  • Offer Terms:
  • 1. Offer valid for depositing players.
  • 2. Track your status on live leader board.

Have More Fun Now When You Deposit

At Fun Bingo, your fun moment can simply have an additional start with
all the added privileges we have for you.

Presenting 3 Elegant Privilege Levels…

Play more to climb your way up and be rewarded thoroughly. We're sure,
you'll be reaping the bigger and better benefits.

Want to know the Privilege levels? Here you go…
1. Back Stage Club
2. VIP Club
3. All Access Club

You're in for a Greater Fun with Bigger Rewards

When you're here, you will be treated with "no-limit" rewards. Starting with
the Back Stage Club and VIP Club and eventually reaching the All Access
Club, the rewards along the journey are wholesome.

  • CLUBS & Benefits
  • VIP
Monday Surprise right icon right icon right icon
Daily Cash Back right icon right icon right icon
Instant Deposit Deals right icon Wrong icon right icon
Raise in WeeklyWithdrawal Limits right icon right icon right icon
VIP Jackpot Room right icon right icon right icon
Bonus(bbs) to Cash Trade right icon right icon right icon
Additional Loyalty Trade right icon right icon right icon
Birthday Bonus right icon right icon right icon
Anniversary Bonus right icon right icon right icon
VIP of The Month right icon right icon right icon
Trail Credits right icon right icon right icon
Festive Gifts/ festivity right icon right icon right icon
  • Offer Terms
  • 1. Privileges are offered only if players meet the criteria of deposit
  • 2. Management reserves right to change or remove promotion without prior notice
  • 3. Management has right to exclude or disqualify any player from the Privilege Clubs,
    at its sole discretion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a VIP Scheme?

VIP scheme is a special program, providing best benefits and rewards to our loyal players. It is a gesture thanking them for their love and support.

Q) How are these 3 clubs different, from each other?

VIP's come under these clubs based on their weekly activities and each club you climb, rewards get bigger.

  • £300 to £499 deposits in a week come under Back Stage Club
  • £500 to £999 deposits in a week come under VIP Club
  • £1000 or above deposits in a week come under All Access Club

Q. What is a Monday Surprise?

Every Monday VIP players would be greeted with a surprise, which could be
special credits or free cards to jackpot/special game or free loyalty points.

Q. How can I be a Fun Bingo VIP?

It's quite easy to become a VIP here. Upon reaching a deposit total of £300, you will be consequently impelled into the VIP plan and that is the point at which your player advantages are redesigned.

Q. How will I know if I am a VIP?

You will receive a personalized mailer from VIP Manger which is self-explanatory regarding the rewards and benefits you can avail being a VIP.

Q. How long I will be treated as a VIP?

Once you are a VIP, you would always be so. However you would be eligible to avail the privileges only if you meet the VIP criteria.

Q. How would I get daily cash backs?

Deposit of £50 or above at one go in a day; will get rewarded with cash back the next day.

Q. Do I get instant deposit deals?

Yes, if you fall under VIP club and with any deposit of £50 or above in one go, you’ll enjoy the best instant deposit deal.

Q. As a house club member, can I raise the weekly withdrawal limit?

The privilege to raise the weekly withdrawal limit is given only to All Access Club members. However, this is subjected to management’s decision.

Q. How much bonus can I trade for cash?

Bonus trading to cash varies from level to level per week.

1) Back Stage Club Members – 250 bonus trade

2) VIP Club Members – 500 bonus trade

3) All Access Members – 1000 bonus trade

Q. Do you allow Loyalty Trade?

Loyalty trading is allowed and the amount to trade per week depends on the level you are in.

1. Back Stage Club Members - 1000 points trade

2. VIP Club Members - 1500 points trade

3. All Access Members - 2500 points trade

Q. How to be VIP of the month?

One who leads the VIP scheme will be the VIP of the month.

Chat Games

Double-up on your play by playing the CHAT GAMES in the CHAT ROOM and you can receive upto 200% bonus bucks on your last deposit

spread the word

Enrich your Friendship. Refer your friends and earn Bonus Money!
You will receive Bonus equivalent to 100% of your friend's FIRST deposit.
That's NOT ALL ... Get 10% of ALL other deposits they make for the first 60 days! The more you refer, the MORE Bonus YOU earn!

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Loyalty Program

Every loyalty point you earned can now be converted into CASH!
Trade 100 Loyalty Points for £1 CASH. You can trade up to 2000 points every week! Start trading now! We love to reward our players for their loyalty.

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New Player

Bonus Bucks - Bonus Bucks or BBs, as they are generally called are complimentary promotional bonuses offered to players as a token of gratitude for their loyalty. BBs increase a player’s playing time, there by enhancing enjoyment and chances of a BIG win!

Welcome Bonus - Welcome Bonus is also a complimentary promotional bonus given to the player when they make the first deposit.

Reload Bonus - starting from 4th deposit onwards, Players are offered with reloads offer with cash or bonuses depending on their amount they deposit. Please check Deposit Specials tab for more details

Offer Terms:

  • All the monthly promotions are valid from Apirl 1st - 30th 2015
  • Management reserves the right to change the promotions, anytime, without prior notice
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Deposit Specials

Deposit Get
£ 200 & Above 400% BB (or) 125% Cash
£ 100 - £ 199 375% Bonus (or) 100% Cash
£ 50 - £ 99 325% Bonus (or) 75% Cash
£ 30 - £ 49 275% Bonus (or) 50% Cash
£ 20 - £ 29 225% Bonus (or) 25% Cash
£ 10 - £ 19 150% Bonus (or) 25% Cash